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Every time I feel them coming on…i fight them back to where they belong. You’ll never see me being anything but strong…


Sleep Walker

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I used to think all the monsters lived under my bed
Then one day i realized
Some of them moved to my head
Close my eyes and through my thoughts they start to creep
As i lay me down they haunt me in my sleep
Distant memories
Starting to become real to me
Walking and talking
Theyre starting to appeal to me
Luring me deeper and darker
My sanity creeping farther and farther
Lucid thoughts becoming a thing of the past
The bindings of my brain becoming fluid as they slip past
Wondering how long my strength will last
As i silently battle these demons of my past…

Hate This Shit

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This is something I wrote today. It will probably be revised later on…


I hate this shit
I hate that im inadverdantly making her suffer for your shit
I want the genie back so i can change my wish
Remove your chapter from the book
It wont be missed
I hate dreaming of our past life and your past lies when i lay down and close my eyes
I hate rereading the pieces of you that i wrote into those now sad lines
I hate the memory of my hands running over your tan lines and us laying together like paralell lines
I hate the good times
I hate those too because every moment after gets compared to you
Every smile or piece of laughter
Overanalyzed like textbook chapters
But most of all
I hate that for any single solitary frozen second
That in moments of solidarity
Its you that i miss
I have my everything
And all i can think is what if
If i have to face her with my truth
And we end up like this
Someone save me quick
Cuz i cant take this shit…

WP for Android

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Its literally been almost 4 full months since I posted here. Its almost shameful. To be honest I have been battling some serious writers block…except I haven’t been complaining. My muse has been keeping me occupied.

But regarless, we are now in a new year and I am entering a new period in my life. I can assure you this means that this blog will definitely be getting updated more often.

That’s all for now so just be on the lookout. I promise. It will be worth the wait. One of the first new pieces is already finished with more to come very soon.

Get Ready


WordPress for BlackBerry

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This is my first post using the WordPress for Blackberry App. I’m extra excited about this because it means that I will no longer have to wait til I’m near a computer to post something that I write on my phone. Before, I would write it, then have to email it to myself, then copy/paste, reformat, all that. Now, I can just copy and paste at the most, or just write at the least, like I’m doing right now.

This is going to be a new realm in my writing, and I’m hella excited about it. #LetsGo!

Behind your words

I see a secret

One I could never ask you for

But I fear that you’ll always keep it

Hidden in a spot that I cant reach it

But I can see it

See what it does to you

The ghost of a past that you should never run to

And I hear you on your knees at night asking God why

Asking him to send some angel to be by your side

And in the night I wishper

Ive arrived

No fairy dust

No magic wands

I cant wave the pain away

But I will protect you from future harm


You could only trust your ghosts to never leave

But now I promise

You can trust in me

No matter where you are

Youll never be

Too far from my mind

Or memory

It’s a sin to me

To ever be

Less than what you

Need from me

And im on a mission to sin no more

Life without transgression is what I want to explore

And you are the gateway

You’re the door

Could get to heaven as is

But you need more

So tell me what you want from me

Nothing would please me more

Than fighting off your deamons

And becoming the one you adore

Into her
Is she into me
Im tryin to find out before I tell her the thoughts I have
About us
Encompassed in a dance that lasts
The liar in me
Wants to tell you that ill always treat you
But the good in me is back from vacation
And just wont let me
Confess to you untruths though I could do so
But that would be to act
Instead of considering whats best for both of us
And that doesn’t work for me
Because im trying to help not hinder you in the path to whatever
You choose to be
I see myself as your soldier defending your heart
And you filling the void where mine
Used to be
Taking away the pain that once
Was all I could see
Like novocain to my brain
Flowing right through me
Use me
Not as a means to an end but as a tool as a light to find your way
When the sun cant be found
Its my way of saying that no matter what
Ill always be around
Theres a chain on my soul
Im ready to give up the key
Cuz Im into you
But only if your into me?