Now Playing: The Terrance Williams Experience

Now Playing: The Terrance Williams Experience.

This is the new and current title of my book. I have gone through a number of titles so it may very well change very soon.

Now Playing is a collection of my poetry. It’s basically the story of me. Every poem falls somewhere in one or more of the categories Life, Dreams, Writing, and Love. Why only four categories? Because for me, everything falls into one of these areas.

I Love to Dream, I Dream of Writing, and I Write to Live.

With that in mind, everything I write follows those rules. Each of these rules however carries equal weight. I Live for Love. I Love to Write.  Many times I have proclaimed I am in love with my Pen.  Each is as equally true as the other.
Now Playing will be the culmination of a dream that I have had since I first began collecting the poetry that I wrote at the end of my sophomore year in High School. I wrote before that, but some of those things have since been lost to time.

Now playing is about connecting. It’s about everyone being able to find a poem that they can personally relate to. I have found that I sometimes have the ability to see a small piece of myself in everyone that I meet, and because of that I want to take each of those pieces and reconnect with everyone else. My poems arent just for other poets. They are for lovers. For dreamers. For liars. For cheaters. For boys and girls. For the faithful. They are for everyone.

I write to Live. And because I write to live I plan on writing for a long time. Now Playing is the experience that I have had thus far.


Now Playing: Erykah Badu ft. Stephen Marley – In Love With You


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