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In My Mind

Posted: March 29, 2010 in March Madness Poetry Month, New Poetry, Poetry

In my mind

Shes ageless

She transcends time

I found my voice in her and she speaks through mine

She inspires my most creative lines and lives in my rhymes

My fountain pen flows like blood from a broken nose

When her anecdotes inspire my prose

In my mind

She walks on a solo path

A single track to join me on my throne

A journey of her choosing, not a mindless drone

Shes independent, quick witted

And shes got her own

Her escapades through my minds enclaves

Have my brains circuits overblown

Her final goal, to make my side her final home

In my mind

A cornucopia of thoughts become present

When she takes one step into my presence

One look into her eyes and its like a divine present

This could quickly turn into an addiction if I let it

Addicted to her smile

Her eyes

Her hips

Her lips

Its as if there a spell on me

Its grasp I cant escape

I set up my defenses

But soon find its too late

Though in the clutches of her beauty

I willingly accept my fate

In my mind

Shes finer than fine

Hotter than a dime

I have to make her mine and I can waste no time

No need to travel the globe

I know another like her I will never find

Ever moving forward, but never leaving her behind

Single handedly conquer the world, yet she must be by my side

Love so devine

Giving me something I can feel, something so real

Yet its only in my mind



Posted: March 26, 2010 in March Madness Poetry Month, New Poetry, Poetry

I hear you

In my mind I see you

The images you depict set my mind on fire

The picture frames you create in my brain burn with a different kind of fire

Its not just desire its a need

There’s a craving you’re creating that only you can feed

Flowing through me from my clenched rigid fingers down to my shaking bent knees

The seeds you planted have grown like weeds

Into trees

Bearing passion fruit which is the fruit of my passion for you

And to devour it from stem to core is exactly what I wanna do

Think it untrue you may that I would willingly confess such

Sensuous and lustful deeds

But the truth in my words is more real the red in the blood I bleed


All the things I wanna do shouldn’t be mentioned in casual conversation

So ill put it gently and say

I want us to gently have an endocrine to endocrine confrontation

Indoctrination may occur somewhere between the first and final touch

And before we part you will agree that all of me is never too much

Feel the rush

Grab the handrails and hold on

While our heartbeats together turn into the rhythm of our new favorite song

You were wrong if you thought this feeling would just pass you by

Like you are to me on the backs of your eyelids is where my face now resides

An eternal  etching into your brain am I now inscribed

Written into the language your heart speaks my name now transcribed

Translating  your body language like hieroglyphics from an ancient Egyptian

And delivering that feel good medicine like im your prescription

Over and over again like a new found addiction

Til I know every curve of your body like a repeating premonition

No need for contemplation or extra consideration

No room for more persuasion its time for consummation

Knowing the value of this prize I will take no consolation

While I hear well your description its time for demonstration

To Love. To Write. To Live. To Dream

I love what I do and what I do cannot be easily or readily explained.

Not only does it feed my brain

It flows through my veins

Keeps my heart beating and takes away my pain

And when the nighttime sleep creeps about me

My love whispers in my ear ‘Do you dream about me’

A love affair I continue with conviction

Like a cocaine addiction

And despite disastrous predictions

I refuse to change my position

Because I love. To write and I write to live and im living in a dream

Writing about what it all really means

I mean

When I dream I dream in different color inks

In blue college ruled lines

With three holes left justified

I dream that I bleed prepositional phrases and rhymes

And if I ever tried to stop the flow I couldn’t stay alive

And through it all

I fall in love with that that pushes others aside

Because writing is my first and last love

And to her sensuous calls deep into the night I will always abide

Other lovers with their limited vision

Though understand they try

Cannot appreciate my need to constantly feed the beast that lives inside

The creative monster which grows and flows

As each second passes by

And jealously diverts my mind from keeping the tears from their eyes

In a split second decision

While seeing through clouded vision

I must keep her heart and my art from a

Fatal collision

It’s a choice I don’t think I can decide

I want them both to live but know like the terminator

No part of either can concurrently stay alive

To end my life and deny my drive

Or to fate us to never be a part of each others lives


Hidden beneath the depths of my words and lines

There is a balance to be struck between them

Even if only for a time