Can I Rise…

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

No rest for the weary

No sleep for the wicked

This path must have been chosen

Because I damn sure didnt pick it

Did I volunteer

Or was I chosen

Perhaps in my sleep

While I dreamed

When my heart was still frozen

After I tried to save you from the vapid empty  depths

Where your soul lived

where i gave all i could give

and then more than i possessed

and you promised to repay with the things you never had

but your obvious lies i didnt protest

Perhaps there

in those murky desolate remains

perhaps there is where I volunteered


into these chains

my debt still unpaid

and my sacrifice squandered

i am loves eternal slave

destined to trudge the paths we both once wandered

or can i rise?

can i dare dream of one day walking again in the light

Without the cover of a disquise

Can I find redemption written in the night skies

Or are my stars no hope

And  is my only salvation

Locked somewhere in your eyes


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