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Hate This Shit

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is something I wrote today. It will probably be revised later on…


I hate this shit
I hate that im inadverdantly making her suffer for your shit
I want the genie back so i can change my wish
Remove your chapter from the book
It wont be missed
I hate dreaming of our past life and your past lies when i lay down and close my eyes
I hate rereading the pieces of you that i wrote into those now sad lines
I hate the memory of my hands running over your tan lines and us laying together like paralell lines
I hate the good times
I hate those too because every moment after gets compared to you
Every smile or piece of laughter
Overanalyzed like textbook chapters
But most of all
I hate that for any single solitary frozen second
That in moments of solidarity
Its you that i miss
I have my everything
And all i can think is what if
If i have to face her with my truth
And we end up like this
Someone save me quick
Cuz i cant take this shit…


WP for Android

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Its literally been almost 4 full months since I posted here. Its almost shameful. To be honest I have been battling some serious writers block…except I haven’t been complaining. My muse has been keeping me occupied.

But regarless, we are now in a new year and I am entering a new period in my life. I can assure you this means that this blog will definitely be getting updated more often.

That’s all for now so just be on the lookout. I promise. It will be worth the wait. One of the first new pieces is already finished with more to come very soon.

Get Ready