Poem A Day #26 (Cant Get Past)

Posted: September 29, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry, September Poem A Day Challenge
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I shouldn’t be thinking about you

I shouldn’t be dreaming about you

Remembering what I miss about you

Or wishing I could have you all alone

And a long time ago I should have

Deleted you from my phone

But now I see your name

And the face

And I realize none of it is gone

It was just sidelined

Now I gotta ask myself how many times

I lied

Look at the man in the mirror and

Convince him though I tried

He knew no matter what my lips were saying

What I really carried inside

Others look into my eyes thinkin they see themselves

But it was just you in a disquise

They don’t understand

That its you that I cant get past

And until im finally through with you

Nothing else can last


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