Poem A Day #24 (Genie)

Posted: September 28, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry, September Poem A Day Challenge
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I wish I may

I wish I might


Fuck that shit

All I wish is this

That when you close your eyes

You wish for me

Cuz I know I can be all you ever

Wished for him to be

I know that I can

Kiss away your sorrows

Wash them away like rain

Hit your body like dopamine

Take away your pain

Leave your tears with him

You wont need them again

Pen the vision of what you’ve been missin

With the power of my pen

Im you personal genie

Just rub my lamp

Only you can free me

Id rather live in this eternal solitude

Than let any other man try to be me

I say try

Cuz try as they might

Im the only one whose properly equipped to

Put up this fight

Cuz this is a battle of wills

Between you an me

You fear that when the time comes

Ill pack up and run

That when the going gets tough

Ill get going

Cuz in truth

You have no way of knowing

But believe me

As your genie

I promise to make your reality

Whatever you want it to be

Now Tell me

What is it that you want from me


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