Poem A Day #23 (Love the Way you Lie)

Posted: September 23, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry, September Poem A Day Challenge
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What pretty pieces of deception

Will you pen me tonight?

What perfectly picturesque fairytales

Will you paint into my eyes?

As the night draws to a close

I look forward to those


Those dreams you create for me

The reality that you construct

The truth that you take from me

Because I love the way you lie

I love the way you slant the world

So I don’t have to cry

I love the way you put shooting stars

Into a cloudy stormy night

And in this blissful ignorance I refuse

To open my eyes and ask how or why

Armed with a pen and a stanza

We all become pretty little liars

Matchstick men who set the world ablaze

Always start out setting pretty little fires

And whether you want it or not

You can give it all you’ve got

But it can’t always be something beautiful

For the situation that you’re in it simply becomes suitable

So quickly


Lie to me

Before the novelty wears off

Paint me a new perception before I begin

Analyzing the costs

Before the doubters and the realist arrive

Pen me a new piece of perfect

I need your lies to stay alive

Whisper to me that its worth it

I can’t live inside this world

I need your deception

I can’t survive inside this matrix

I need your inception

Induce me and then seduce me

Replace me with a fake me before you wake me

Convince me that you miss me

Break my heart before you kiss me

After all this losing

Promise me I’m about to win

I love it when you lie to me

Over and over again

  1. Aseel says:

    “break my heart before you kiss me”
    love it. might steal it as a status, and of course ill tag u. fyi. nice work T keep it up

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