Poem A Day #22 (Unfinished)

Posted: September 22, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry, September Poem A Day Challenge
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The prose I use is more fluid than the alcohol I abuse in response to each line I lose
Everytime I see you I wonder if I should immediately pursue
Knowing that if I don’t catch you every subsequent meeting may be a new you
But I don’t know if it will be a more or a lesser you
I only have split seconds in time to move after I decide
Only in those moments do my opportunities reside
With each passing minute that you remain unfinished the meaning is diminished
And that’s unacceptable
My brain is spilling thoughts and my pad is the receptacle
My pen is here to break it down into something digestable
But when you move as fast as the speed of my brain in the fast lane but my response is like a parapalegic in chains
how can I hope to chase and stay sane
I would let you pass but in the morning time it might not be the same
Like goin to bed and waking up to a different dame
I could make it work
But it might hurt
And even if its just a little
Its still not my aim
I’m at a disadvantage
An amateaur against a pro in this game
The only option I have is to leave you alone
And hope that thru the night you don’t change

*written on my T-Mobile Blackberry Device*


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