Poem A Day #20 (Intrigued)

Posted: September 20, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry, September Poem A Day Challenge
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Slip through my mind like a poetic line

Slowly you slide

Into my thoughts

Wearing only what you’ve brought

Clothed with the darkness and the stars

My mind climbs with anticipation like a stairway to mars

I sit in wonder at what your hiding underneath that cranium

I approach cautiously

Like your thoughts are unprotected uranium

But im not scared



I wanna know the conception that goes on and what kind of ideas you breed

To know the inner workings of you is something I need

Perhaps just an idea will do

I only want to know enough to get an idea of you

The rest

I want to investigate

I hope to prove worthy enough for you to reciprocate

Diggin on you and if ur diggin me too then we can both take the grave shift

And start to exume

What skeletons

What memories

What secrets were buried

What images we put away of the things we carried

Maybe one day

Not too far away

We can share those things

Split the different between what your body wants

And what your heart needs

Or maybe we reverse the equation

No expectations


Or other stipulations

Just a ‘congratulations…

You’re a good one indeed

Not too many people have the power to go so long

And still keep me intrigued


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