Poem A Day #19 (Author of My Sins)

Posted: September 20, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry, September Poem A Day Challenge
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Her words are like poetry

And her lips like a pen

Writing sweet seduction

The author of my sins

The record of my transgressions

Every night a new session of confessions


We pen volumes of dark deeds so sweet

demons don’t speak once our eyes meet

they know like I know

theres no telling where we might go

perhaps tonight we’ll

pen a picture of your bodys elixir

mixing with the sweat born from 1000 suns beaming down on what we’ve done

or we can transcribe a scene of

the Nubian queen being seen by her lover for the first time

my sins become yours

and yours become mine

our fates twisted and sealed together

so why hold on

we let loose

I translate your ooh and aahs into words that have meaning

But only to you and i

And you decipher the code I whisper just above your earlobes and

Test the limits

See how far your body can go

See what peaks and valleys we can scale and conquer

What trips I can take you on with my body as the sponsor

This is your captain speaking

We are now entering the Nile

Get comfortable

We’ll be on this flow for a while

More sins transcribed and recorded

Too many in this lifetime to be reported

But next lifetime

Something all new

Something all me

Made all for you

You’re the Picasso of my black thoughts

The Michaelangello of my dark interpretations

When we’re together we make masterpieces of condemable



Inter-indocrine cohabitation

My body lives for the moments it has

Inside your skin

I don’t wanna breathe air

I wanna breathe you from deep within

Store you in my nasal cavity like a powdered white Line

Addicted to what you do like every one is the first time

Be all our sins remembered

Your lips encased in mine

May I never forget any of yours

at night

may you dream of all of mine


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