Poem A Day #18 (Dear God)

Posted: September 20, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry, September Poem A Day Challenge
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Dear God

Its been a long time since I talked to you

Wonder if you could take out a little time for me and let me walk with you

The still waters we used to go beside have gotten a little choppy

And that straight and narrow path has gotten a little rocky

All the pastures I used to lie in and

You used to let me cry in well

They’ve been rolled up and chocked up

And look about as dry as a wishing well

I know the steps I was supposed to be following were for the righteous ones

But the decisions ive been making lately haven’t really been the rightest ones

And this table with my enemies

Well God

Compared to my friends  they are all startin to look pretty friendly

I still feel the anointing and my cup is on overflow

But when to say no to someone asking for a ‘blessing’ I still don’t know

See God

The life that you intended and the one I’m starting to lead

Aren’t really matching up in sync like we planned them to be

What are you planning for me?

I keep wondering if these steps are really ordered and asking myself

‘how can they be?’

Is there really this much struggle on the road to where you want me to be?

And how do I know I don’t really want the life I lead


Please Lord

Talk to me

This is where my thoughts live constantly

Come to the door and knock so I can let you in and we can solve this B

Im sorry Lord

Its just Ive known you for such a long time I think of you as a friend to me

But your still God to me

Its just I don’t really see

What the plan is and how all this shit is gonna help me with conquering

With making my flesh submissive

And making your will instinctive

If I cant even handle temptation from a friend and be dismissive

Lets take a walk God

Jill Scott style

Cuz I appreciate you empowering me to fix it myself

But I like your style

Help me help myself

Remind me im still your child

Spend some quality time together cuz

I know its been a while

My still waters are a bit choppy

And this path is a little rocky

And im not trying to be cocky

But if I fall I know you got me

And with you in front

Aint nothing that can stop me

I just needed you to remind me

The shadow of death is nothing to me

And your staff is more comfort that I expected it to be

So now im thinking that really this whole time

You’ve been preparing me

And when I needed you all I had to do was

Get down on a knee

Well God

I don’t know what to say you answered so readily

And I got the confidence you gave me

So im holdin rock steady

I guess this is really just me saying

Thanks God for being God to me

  1. Aseel says:

    Love love love, this is how I’ve felt for a while. I love it. It’s exactly what a lot of us feel.

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