Poem A Day #17 (Your Words)

Posted: September 20, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry, September Poem A Day Challenge
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Im falling in love

With your words

And I don’t know what to do

It sounds like a simple enough issue

But in truth

It’s a little complicated

Not just superficial

Your words paint an image

Of a mind so nubile and agile

And perfect

Of a strong dark force that loves stronger



Than most of these infant conciosnesses

Which surround me could ever hope to dream to be

If their minds are gateways

You mind is a wormhole

I want to step into it not knowing if I will be taken into some far distant galaxy

Or if the last of my fused atoms will be stripped from me

Tossed around some distant planet for the entertainment of some other being in a twisted fantasy

Even more amazing is that either way the thought doesn’t bother me

Doesn’t trigger the normal self preservation laws

I would rather die in the pursuit of you than live and say when presented with the opportunity I gave pause

For if I die before I wake

I pray that my soul finds your words floating on the edge of the universe to give me comfort for the 1000 generations that I will spend in either heaven or hell

For your words would make heaven more excellent and hell more bearable

In this life they make my days more pleasant

And at night they make me feel omnipresent

As your speech rocks me to sleep I go to higher levels of conscious thought and as my mind gets rocked

I take journeys to lands long forgotten

I see places twice remembered

I peek into your soul

And low and behold

The garden of Eden welcomes me

Your words take me on a journey to the beginning of life.

I hear them and the universe seems right

Ive already fallen in love with your words

I just hope it leads to me

Falling in love with you too


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