Poem A Day #10 (Sweet Dreams)

Posted: September 13, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry, September Poem A Day Challenge
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So there was a few days when I was at a loss, and my creative juices were not flowing at all. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of that. I felt naked without my ink…


Sweet dreams

But baby when you close your eyes

Don’t dream of me

Dream of all the things you want from me

Dream of long slow kisses in warm summer rain

Dream of Prince Charming

Hear to slay your pain

Close your eyes and imagine

Everything you ask for you can have it

Never lose faith in me

Because if ever you think I cant

Ill reach into my soul and make it be

Sweet dreams

But as sweet as you may think me

Don’t dream of this current version of me

Dream instead of what I used to be

Dream of before we met

The lies the rumors you heard

But now all that’s for the birds

Dream of what you found

Helpin me pick myself up off the ground

Don’t dream of me as I am now

Because tomorrows me will be what you’ll want to keep around

Sweet dreams love

But please

Dream of something different

Something special

Dream of a touch that caresses your mental

A feeling that becomes essential

or dream that im a genie

Walking through your thoughts unseen

Your fears and tears

Your first kiss at thirteen

Sweet dreams beautiful

As sweet as any dream could be

As for me

My constant dream is that in the mirror

You could see what I see

Cuz when you say sweet dreams

I dream of what you mean to me

  1. aseel says:

    I love it … Sweet dreams.

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