Poem A Day #9 (Mindfucked)

Posted: September 9, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry, September Poem A Day Challenge
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She Sneaks in

Silent like the darkness that she Sleeps in

Eyes wide shut and she creeps in

She always knows when my defenses are Weakened

Slow and easy like the water in the Deep end

But still rile me up like a party on the weekend

And then she whispers

Voice so cold it gives all my senses shivers

Seduction so sweet it makes my spine quiver

Striking at my heart like bullets made of silver

Show me what ur made of

Thoughts laid bare

show me where they came from

No disquises

No hiding

Nothing to be ashamed of

So we connect

Honest and vulnerable We reflect

Moments of passion are the only things we interject

Any thoughts of pausing are incorrect



So open that I almost start to fear it

Like a moth to a flame I can’t help but to go near it





Touch me

Skin so soft silk is green with envy

Reach into my soul and pull things I didn’t know even know were in me

And I reach into yours

And keep on reachin

Listenin to the language that your body is speakin

Searchin for all the secrets you’ve been keepin


Lemme go there til ur Lip bitin

Body squirmin


One more step and your walls

All your inhibitions go Tumbling

How I navigate so well your mind keeps wondering

Dont Think

I can tell your thoughts are stumbling


Pull me in

Closer than air

Closer than sin

Close enough that when I open my eyes…

I see…

Sun shinin waiting for the day to begin…



I been Mind fucked again…

  1. Amiri says:

    lol just rub the furry wall

  2. aseel says:

    Haha at the mindfucked, aside from that word it was classy..then mindfucked kinda fucked with my mind! Haha loved it yo. Keep up the good work

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