Poem a Day #6 (Time)

Posted: September 6, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry, September Poem A Day Challenge
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She told me

We make time for the things we want to make time for

Well then

Please excuse me for the time being

So I can go create more

Cuz I maxed out my credit cards

Making runs to the time store

And they told me I cant use plastic there no more

Ive already turned back my watches

And bribed the sun to rewind

And begged God to move up daylight savings

So I can have an extra hour of you on my mind

I traded my signs that say

Will work for food

And left behind my mentality to slave for a couple dollars

Now I pimp for a few more minutes

And prostitute myself for a few more hours

More sunlight or more moon in the night

It truly doesn’t matter

Just as long as in those few seconds

I kno that I can have her

Aristotle, Galileo, even Einstein envy’s me

Because times waits for no man but he made a

Secret deal with me

When I see her he

Stops and pauses

Tellin no one what the cause is

And when she leaves I pay the charges

Never caring what the cost is

Sweet Juliet

Im your Romeo

Where ever you roam I promise to follow

Never letting you feel alone from Rome to Sleepy Hollow


Guide you where you’re destined to be

Cuz im positive your destiny lies with me

And even if it doesn’t I still

Want you here next to me

For you

Ive turned into a time whore

Feinin and searching for some way to get

Just a little bit more

But in the end no matter what its always

You that I make time for


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