Poem a Day #5 (When)

Posted: September 5, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry, September Poem A Day Challenge
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Step by step

Tear by tear

How many times can a soul die in a year

How many times can you feel the burn

And claim that its just another lesson learned

How long until

It becomes too much

When pens and ink and words

Are no longer enough

When will you open your eyes

And find out the place you’ve been looking doesn’t have

What you’ve been trying to find

Emptier than the hollow heart

You keep trying to fill

Searching so far and wide you become indiscriminate

To the fake and the real

Why cant we admit to the things

We both know to be true

Faced with all my truths and variations thereof

I still struggle to admit them to you

But be they truths or be they lies

The darkness makes us both aloof

And we ask ourselves in the hours

Before sunrise

What did the darkness make us do?

When will we break down and say

As much as we both want it to be true

Though I may be what you crave

What you need isn’t me

And though I call with my soul

My fate in turn is to never


Truly have you


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