Poem A Day #2 (Familiar)

Posted: September 3, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry, September Poem A Day Challenge
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Second Entry for September’s poem a day…



I might be wrong but

You look sorta familiar

And I believe you

But I cant decide which to me is realer

The statement that you’re making that I must be mistaken

Or the idea in my mind that I know you from another place

In another time

Searching through the murky memory filled abyss that is my mind

I can almost

Not really

Just about

Pick your face out from the line

The stream of memories

Of events and people that remember me

Even if briefly

With a little coercion and Not immediately

But perhaps my memory isn’t what it used to be

Sometimes I have a tendency to be mistaken

But I think its just the man in me

Or maybe


My mind is tricking me

Because with you is where it wants to be

Even from my far away point of observation I can tell

The essence of you cant be discovered with just simple consideration

Written all over your face is the shadow of something deeper

A soul a little colder

A slightly darker demeanor

I wanna be your resident archaeologist and dig til I find the cause of this

Because your smile is something I start to miss

Whenever I see you and its not around

A cue for me to put on that shining armour and chase away your frown

Or that’s what I wanna do if you say you’re down

Because at this point you’re still a stranger

Though your voice rings with a familiar sound

Your face shines with a certain light I’m almost positive I can remember

And your smile warms me up like sunshine in December

It’s the curious case of a confused contradiction

Because despite the facts I still believe my intuition

That between us a shared moment in time is more than

Just a premonition

Other than my simple hunch I have no other justification

But you beam like a misplaced star in my minds constellation

To crack this code we seem to have forgotten that we both know

Is my new occupation

Like Nebuchadnezzar seeking his dreams interpretation

Refusing to let the answer become lost in translation

You’re my familiar stranger

To the mystery of our meeting I search for a solution

Though in my mind I doubt to find any true restitution

first impression and chance encounters are both our official positions

Though to me, somehow, you don’t fit a strangers definition


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