Another Poetry Month??? Oh Yea… Day 1

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, one of my followers told me that one of his followers is doing a poem a day challenge the entire month of September. That 30 POEMS!!!  So of course when I heard about it I had to jump in. Now, so far I’ve been sorta slacking because I havent been posting/writing poems these last 3 days. It just so happens however, that I have a few poems that just got rejected by the editors of The Smoking Poet and The Hobble Creek Review, so I have a few that I can post that are never before seen or heard. So buckle up and get ready. 30 poems in 30 days. Its gonna be one helluva ride!

I will also of course link poems from the other poets too, but for now, just enjoy my first 3 entries.



Painted Faces

Painted faces

To hide demented gazes

In tortured places

A masquerade of lies

Poisons the soul and clouds the eyes

Til eventually

We truthfully

Can no longer find the truth

Between the lies

Maybe too afraid to unearth

The things that we may find

Or loose the demons we spend our lives

Praying for the strength to bind

Reality is perception

But your perception is a deception

Twisted far beyond any hope of


Yet as the lies unravel

Truth gives our voices

Wings to travel

To Farther reaches

And further teach us

To unmask the masked masses

And filter our message through all

The social classes

To lift our eyes

And break free from our disguise

But we resist

And become complacent

Because our painted faces can take us places

While still allowing us to hide

Give us the anonymity to show ourselves

But keep a piece locked inside

Til no one can tell if it’s the world

Or ourselves from whom we attempt to hide

If our selected characters we use to tell our stories

Are special insights

Or simply drawn out devious twitter lies

The seconds turn to hours

And we slowly start to become the masks behind which we used to hide

Forgetting that

Without knowledge of self there can be no determination

Not knowing the path already traveled can lead to no


Without contemplation

We paint our faces

Like a need

A prerequisite to staying alive

Convincing ourselves we cant go on

Cant continue

Cant survive

Without the help of our disguise

Til in the end hiding our truth isn’t the only thing for which we rely
The painted faces we believe are the only things keeping us alive


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