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Behind your words

I see a secret

One I could never ask you for

But I fear that you’ll always keep it

Hidden in a spot that I cant reach it

But I can see it

See what it does to you

The ghost of a past that you should never run to

And I hear you on your knees at night asking God why

Asking him to send some angel to be by your side

And in the night I wishper

Ive arrived

No fairy dust

No magic wands

I cant wave the pain away

But I will protect you from future harm


You could only trust your ghosts to never leave

But now I promise

You can trust in me

No matter where you are

Youll never be

Too far from my mind

Or memory

It’s a sin to me

To ever be

Less than what you

Need from me

And im on a mission to sin no more

Life without transgression is what I want to explore

And you are the gateway

You’re the door

Could get to heaven as is

But you need more

So tell me what you want from me

Nothing would please me more

Than fighting off your deamons

And becoming the one you adore


Into her
Is she into me
Im tryin to find out before I tell her the thoughts I have
About us
Encompassed in a dance that lasts
The liar in me
Wants to tell you that ill always treat you
But the good in me is back from vacation
And just wont let me
Confess to you untruths though I could do so
But that would be to act
Instead of considering whats best for both of us
And that doesn’t work for me
Because im trying to help not hinder you in the path to whatever
You choose to be
I see myself as your soldier defending your heart
And you filling the void where mine
Used to be
Taking away the pain that once
Was all I could see
Like novocain to my brain
Flowing right through me
Use me
Not as a means to an end but as a tool as a light to find your way
When the sun cant be found
Its my way of saying that no matter what
Ill always be around
Theres a chain on my soul
Im ready to give up the key
Cuz Im into you
But only if your into me?

See the problem is
You want Prince Charming
But that aint me
No sword glittering at the hilt
no trusty steed
If you had to name me
How about the Prince of Imperfection
The prince who sometimes looks at other girls and gets an erection
The prince who lies through his teeth though I said to you I never could
The prince who cries in his sleep though admit it I never would
The prince who sometimes tells you exactly what you want to hear
to preserve the false reality that you’ve been holding dear
The prince of break ups and heart breaks
The prince of make ups and heart aches
The prince
who you told to wait

So I wait
patiently at times
though you can sometimes see my frustration hidden in my rhymes
cuz this prince is imperfect as I said
and though patience is a virtue its not whats running through my head

Cuz I dont want us to make a love story
I want it to be a love epic
A never ending continuation of that first feeling of infatuation
that first moment that we got flirtateous
and the first time our lips were embracing
a repitition of sight smell and touch
page after page telling of our lust
or trust
our strive for perfection
and for our souls compass to point in the heavenly direction

All this courtesy of an imperfect prince
whose current cause is to get you completely convinced
not that Im the best man
Not that Im the only one
But that I will do all I can
to put you in a place better than when we first begun
and though now I admit Im not the charming prince you’re wishing for
You will see that I fit that profile just a little bit more
and while you’re patient prince is waiting for you to to pick all the pieces off the floor
This imperfect prince is anxious, ready, and waiting to help rebuild
and is knocking at your door


you are no friend to me

i need our relationship to end

but the more i avoid you

the more you force my hand

i need your sneak attacks

and slight of hand to end

Cuz the more you take control of me

the more I fail my friends

if you were a friend to me

you would let this end

I shouldn’t be thinking about you

I shouldn’t be dreaming about you

Remembering what I miss about you

Or wishing I could have you all alone

And a long time ago I should have

Deleted you from my phone

But now I see your name

And the face

And I realize none of it is gone

It was just sidelined

Now I gotta ask myself how many times

I lied

Look at the man in the mirror and

Convince him though I tried

He knew no matter what my lips were saying

What I really carried inside

Others look into my eyes thinkin they see themselves

But it was just you in a disquise

They don’t understand

That its you that I cant get past

And until im finally through with you

Nothing else can last

Poem A Day #25 (On My Lips)

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Theres a poem on my lips

waiting for you to kiss it into existence

begging for your lips to come and

reward its persistence

just like me

it needs you to survive

come here

give me the kiss of life

I wish I may

I wish I might


Fuck that shit

All I wish is this

That when you close your eyes

You wish for me

Cuz I know I can be all you ever

Wished for him to be

I know that I can

Kiss away your sorrows

Wash them away like rain

Hit your body like dopamine

Take away your pain

Leave your tears with him

You wont need them again

Pen the vision of what you’ve been missin

With the power of my pen

Im you personal genie

Just rub my lamp

Only you can free me

Id rather live in this eternal solitude

Than let any other man try to be me

I say try

Cuz try as they might

Im the only one whose properly equipped to

Put up this fight

Cuz this is a battle of wills

Between you an me

You fear that when the time comes

Ill pack up and run

That when the going gets tough

Ill get going

Cuz in truth

You have no way of knowing

But believe me

As your genie

I promise to make your reality

Whatever you want it to be

Now Tell me

What is it that you want from me