Please Stay…

Posted: August 31, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry
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Don’t slip away

Please stay

Take the clouds with you and take the rain

But I’m not ready to face the day

My scars are still aching

And my tears are not yet dry

And the only form of comfort is the glittering stars

And the ones you send shooting by

With the sun my mind gets hazy

But when darkness falls your creativity amazes me

The canvas of the night is still the only thing that can phase me

My brain is blank

And my thoughts have gone dry

I need the inspiration only you can provide

I need your ink in my life

I need your dark interpretations to fuel my pens precipitation

This drought is not what I’m about

But their doubt fertilizes my dreams

I just need you to rain down on me and help me sow the seeds

I’m not too sure where this road leads

But With you

Its all seems just right

And with you

I can open up my mind and just write

Pull out my pen and stroke the page all through the night


Don’t slip away

Please stay

I cant deal with it alone

I don’t know how to handle myself when you’re gone

I always tell myself it wont be for long

And every night I pray for the winter

To come quicker

When there’s a shorter distance between the time

I have to wait for you to be mine

But in the meantime

Its almost like I have to squeeze lines

From the essence of my consciousness

With you I know I can conquer this

My pen is mightier than any sword

But without you I’m armor less

You’re my nighttime love affair

The last addiction that I cant quit

Please don’t end it like this

Don’t slip away

Please stay


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