Morning Glory…

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

SO theres this girl right….

Naw. thats for another time. Ive been promoted to 1st SGT for the Bison Battalion Army ROTC this semester. Its day 2. I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. Today I got up and forgot how to march a platoon. I mean, I forgot ‘left face’. Platoon is just marching and im drawing a blank on ‘left face’. I literally drew a blank. Its gonna be a long semester, but I think im gonna do fine. Im still coming at it with the ‘BRING IT ON’ kinda attitude. Im still going to be trying to do some writing everyday or close to it, putting out new poetry and such.

Which brings me back to this girl…

Its been a while since I wrote something that was specifically with a single person in mind. Lately its all been general or reminiscent, but this one is about someone specific. I might post that sometime soon. We shall see…

Later today or tomorrow however, I will Definitely be posting another poem from the Trio I submitted to the Hobble Creek Review. All the poems I sent to ‘The Smoking Poet’ are still under review as far as I can tell however, so I will of course keep you posted on the progress of that.

Til next time.


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