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Posted: August 22, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry
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I step up to the microphone

Open my mouth

And dead air comes out

Eyes wide

Palms sweaty

Wetter than a broken Louisiana levee

Chest is getting tight and my

Breathing is getting heavy

And I wake up and realize that

Once again you’ve left me

I cant function without you here

But clearly those words fell deaf onto your ears

I try to

Pen my fears

And paint with my tears

But its just not the same

When I don’t have you near

It’s a shame that you treat this like a game

But you treat me like an orphan without a name

Late nights

You leave me feeling so abandoned

So alone

Even though I’ve been here before

I still don’t quite know what to do when you’re gone

Like any man

I have needs I need catered to

And when desire strikes at night and your nowhere to be found

What am I supposed to do

Trying to find reasons to explain you leaving

Or is it myself I’m deceiving

That the cause of your repeated fleeing and I have no relation

But your constant flight and my pen have some correlation

Addicted to the chase

And you to running

My pen constantly pushed by your constant

Tests of my cunning

But once you’ve stopped running

And I’m celebrating that I Finally found you

In the same moment I realize that I lost you too


Kinda makes you think a little bit of Eminem doing Lose Yourself huh? Another poem will be coming very soon, look for it midweek.

And yes, I apologize for the wait, but a lot of things have happened this week. But that is for a later blog. Early morning tomorrow so I must see you all later. Goodnight if its dark, good morning if its dawn, good day either way.


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