First Time for Everything…

Posted: August 18, 2010 in General, New Poetry, Poetry

Greetings Readers.

My last post, almost 3 weeks ago, I talked about my first ever poetry submissions to publications. Well, as is expected in the writer community, I soon got my first rejection.

On August 12, The Hobble Creek Review sent me this;

Dear Terrance:

Thank you for thinking of Hobble Creek Review. Unfortunately we will not be taking any of your poems for our next issue. I want to wish you the best in placing your poems in the near future.


J***** E****, editor

So I have 3 poems that I wrote, but were rejected.  One of them I submitted to another publication so I can’t publish it anywhere yet, but the other two will be published, one at a time, before the end of the month. So get ready. One will be up before the end of this week.  Be on the lookout.

I have to admit before I go, getting a rejection letter did sting as much as everyone said it would, but still more than I expected. I know the stats and ratios and odds of getting published, but  it can still get to you a little bit. But the importance of the process is to get back up and do it again. And so, I’m still writing, and will still be looking for more publishers and presses to submit my work too.

Keep the faith.


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