Vacation? Eh, not really.

Posted: July 23, 2010 in General, Other Writing, Poetry
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Well, im supposed to be vacationing. Probably not gonna happen.


That was my sentiment a few days ago. Currently I’m at home, a trip I dont always make often or for very long, but here I am this week.  So far it has been a nice shot of relaxation, especially since once I go back to DC its to two jobs and school starting in a few weeks. Oh joy. I cant complain however because I am blessed beyond all measures, and I thank God everyday for what he’s done and is doing in my life.

Yesterday was the Poetry in the City event on Lansing’s Capital steps, where I performed ‘Liar In Me’. I did pretty well, and saw my buddy @aseelmachi out there as well. Currently, I am focusing on submitting poems to the e-zines which I mentioned in my last post, and making more good work to submit to others later on, and to later include in the book.   Im finding out that I am continually on the right track in a lot of ways, and I hope and pray this trend continues.

Since it rained, hard, for most of the day, the poetry in the city event wasnt nearly as well attended as I feel it could have been. However, it still had a pretty good showing despite those odds. I have also found yet another medium where I can publish my poems, being the New Citizens Press Newspaper.   It always, always about exposure.  So continue to be on the lookout for new material from me, and I will continue to work to give it to you.

I feel like this may be my shortest post ever. But then again, I am on vacation. 🙂

Be Blessed


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