Posted: July 13, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry
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The Sandman returns again…



After words

After ive made love to your thoughts and left you trying to find the words

after your empty mind starts trying to find reason and explanation and rationale

after I slip out of the cloak of the night and lay you down

after the cold shiver down your spine

after the invasion of my thoughts into your mind

after the

intoxication of your smell into my brain

after the taste of your lips almost drives me insane

after the sweat pours down your body like summer rain

after your heart starts racing though you try to keep it tame

after your soul is laid bare and freed from its disguise

after you lose all fear just by looking in my eyes

after my piercing gaze sends you into a daze

after I make you shiver in so many creative ways

after I reach into my bag of dreams and take you to your secret place

after I put that glow back into your face

after you find that feeling you thought you had misplaced

after I sweep you away so you never leave my embrace

after I prolong the night and delay the suns rays

after I stop the rain and show you only better days

after I show you that with me it’s not a game

after the Sandman

you will never be the same


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