Into Me

Posted: July 10, 2010 in General, Old Poetry, Poetry
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Whenever I write I try to impress myself. I feel like this is one of the pieces I have written which did surprise and impress me….


Into her

Is she into me

I’m trying to find out before I tell her the thoughts I have


About us



Encompassed in a dance that lasts


The liar in me

Wants to tell you that ill always treat you


But the good in me is back from vacation

And just wont let me


Confess to you untruths though I could do so


But that would be to act


Instead of considering whats best for both of us


And that doesn’t work for me

Because im trying to help not hinder you in the path to whatever

You choose to be


I see myself as your soldier defending your heart


And you filling the void where mine

Used to be

Taking away the pain that once

Was all I could see

Like Novocaine to my brain

Flowing right through me

Use me

Not as a means to an end but as a tool as a light to find your way

When the sun can’t be found

Its my way of saying that no matter what

I’ll always be around

Theres a chain on my soul

I’m ready to give up the key

Cuz I’m into you

But only if your into me?


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