Drake – Thank Me Later

Posted: July 9, 2010 in General, Music Reviews
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Good Morning all you bloggers, poetry lovers, readers, writers, and all around good people.

Today, we will be discussing a relatively new album our right now, Drakes debut album with the Young Money Record Label entitled ‘Thank me Later’.

To begin with I must give it pretty good marks for creativity and style, lots of good singles on it. Even before I listened to the entire thing, I was continually bombarded with lines from it via Twitter Trending Topics (#ohyoufancyhuh, Fireworks, anything from ‘Over’). So he has very obviously produced a commercial hit which will probably go Gold or Platinum.

Now, in my personal opinion, I think he went harder on his mix tape than he did his album.

Yes, I said it, I think ‘So Far Gone’ was a better body of work than ‘Thank Me Later’.

On ‘So Far Gone’, Drake is going for recognition. He’s unsigned, and he’s hungry. The majority of the material on that mix tape was top-notch, with few exceptions. His mix tape produced #1 singles before it even came out. But he also seemed to have more creative and insightful things to say on his mix tape. On the album, he seems to have adapted more of the typical Young Money, Lil Wayne style of rap, which is simple similes which are more focused on rhyming than really making sense or relating to the overall message of the song.

I will readily admit that personally I don’t care much for Lil Wayne. I believe he was a better rapper in his younger years, and these days he seems to be more in love with the sound of his voice than with the improvement of his craft. It seems to be a side effect of fame and fortune when it comes to rap/hip-hop culture, which is a shame. However, in regards to Drake, I think its way to early in his career (the time it took to go from a mix tape to an album) for him to suddenly become intoxicated with fame and forget about making quality music.

My favorite verse from the album actually doesn’t even belong to Drake, but to Jay-Z. That in itself says a lot because I’m not really a Jay-Z fan. Not because of any blatant dislike of him or because I think he’s a bad rapper, I just haven’t really listened to much of his music, especially not his older stuff which is apparently where I should start.

The singles which have come off the album so far are indeed the best tracks, and as far as I can see I don’t see any others lurking that may become surprise hits in the near future. Overall, I give Thank Me Later 3/5 stars, middle of the road. I simply think that he could have come harder on his debut, and there is room for improvement. That being said, I look forward to seeing him grow as a rapper, and already anticipate his second album in hopes that it will be better that his first.

Another personal opinion is that as long as he’s with Young Money, he will produce middle of the road work. Seeing as Wayne was the first to give him a deal however, I feel the loyalty to the Record Label will be there for quite some time. I hope that however long the time he spends there turns out to be however, he grows as an artist and continues to improve.

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  2. Aseel says:

    You should’ve had a better rating scale.. I think it was good quality, lyrics were pretty decent, just the presentation of those lyrics and the music itself wasnt what we were expecting – however, just because we arent used to it doesnt mean its not great. I continued listening to it over and over, and now its one of my favorite albums. it just takes time to absorb the music, so yes it is NOT an instant hit but songs like “up all night” or “fancy” are really good once you listen to them more than once.. some of the beats weren’t too shady tho. And yes, it was below our expectations. it happens. I refuse to do ur scale though cause I dont like it hahaha

  3. I spy a HATER! No, I agree with that. The scale was kind of a random thing I threw in there because I noticed a link for it. To be honest the review I gave wasn’t as in-depth as it should have been anyway, I feel like it was kinda rushed which I hate to do whenever I write ANYTHING! Next album review AND rating system will be much more precise.

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