The End of Artist Week – Part Two

Posted: July 3, 2010 in General, Other Writing
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As I may or may not have said before, I consider Art to be nearly any form of creative self-expression. Writer, painter, poet, singer, musician, graphic designer, blogger, even a chef can be an artist. Art is never about getting to someone else’s level, but about achieving the highest level that you can personally, therefore one persons self-expression or art might vary drastically from one person to the next. So, in light of all these things, I would like to highlight two bloggers, one relatively new to the blogosphere, and one somewhat of a veteran. Two friends of mine whom I consider to be artists in their own right and who I expect major things from in the future, Ms. Nikayla Scott and Ms. Tiffanie Davis

Nikayla’s Blog

I have lovingly dubbed Ms. Scott’s blog, ‘The Do Better Blog‘. Each of her posts somehow relates back to doing better as a community, in relationships, in handling money, in goal-setting, in all kinds of ways. The motto is ‘We need to Do Better’. While many of her posts seem to be specifically relating to the African-American community, these are lessons which transcend racial, financial, and social class lines, especially these days. We are at a point in our world history where the newly rich may have been poor yesterday, and the newly poor may have had a 6-figure job in the not so distant past. People are learning, the hard way, that poverty and unemployment, sickness, and social ills and problems are not simply reserved for the lower classes, but can just as easily affect anyone else.

One of the things which is mentioned on Ms. Scott’s blog a lot is her desire to be a producer. You will notice that there is a good amount of music videos on her blog. When she’s not being a girl and going gaga over Trey Songz, she comments on the production quality and the fact that women are very underrepresented in the video production field. This is of course true for many fields in general, but technology is still a place where women have not made nearly as many significant inroads as they have with other professions.

Ms. Scott’s blog deals with a wide variety of issues, but also brings us back down to earth and reminds us that we can all improve ourselves and DO BETTER. I feel that there should always be someone to let you know when you need to change your ways, or improve your way of doing something. Ms. Scotts blog then, would fall under the ‘essentials’ category. Follow her on twitter @itsMsScott2u.

Ladies and Gentleman, Ms. Nikayla Scott


Tiffanie’s Blog

Ms. Tiffanie L. Davis runs a fashion blog. Fashion tips, fashion news, all things fashion. While fashion may not be something that you are necessarily into, this blog offers some simple tips and suggestions that you can follow as well. Sorry guys, it’s not really for us.

Like any Good Fashionista she makes sure to include what she is wearing and where you can pick it up yourself, but its more than that. Mixed in with fashion tips and excitement about the deals she managed to pick up for the day is a voice of realism, something that is sometimes lost with bloggers who write for a specific idea or trend such as fashion or music.

Overall, ladies, if you’re into fashion, then this is the blog for you. She includes names of designers, other fashionista’s, websites, and all kinds of other info which anyone would find useful. But don’t take my word for it. Check out her blog for yourself! And while you’re at it, follow her on Twitter @tiffanie_lynn.

Ladies and Gentleman, Ms. Tiffanie Davis


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