The End of Artist Week – Part I

Posted: July 3, 2010 in General, Music Reviews, Other Writing, Poetry
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It seems that this week has been all about other artists. Well this will be my last post of the week, and to continue in the same vein I will post more about some amazing artists I have come in contact with. I have decided to split this into two separate posts. No reason really, I just feel like I can. To begin with, a book review:

Letters From The Editor

Revelations of Soul

By: Dominic Antoine Thomas

Mr. Dominic Antoine Thomas, a personal friend of mine has paved the way and done what I hope to do one day soon. Mr. Thomas has published a book of poetry which I have just had the pleasure of reading, and strictly from an artist perspective, it is an amazing piece of work. I definitely give this book two thumbs up.

Even in the Table of Contents, Thomas has found a way to make the entire work feel more like an ongoing conversation where he is simply informing you of days events, or perhaps situations which he has encountered and is now recounting to an old friend. At the completion of each poem, the reader is left with the question of ‘whats next’, a characteristic which makes for the best novels, thrillers, and horror stories. Thomas however, has done it with his poems.

One poem which particularly stuck out to me in the book was ‘Prisoner of My Mind’. He includes attention grabbers such as:

Im losing touch with what is real

real is fake

and damn

that scares the

boy inside this man

i wish i could cry again

because at least i’d know that im still feeling things

but i cant tell for anything

i thought i had it

but i tossed it

no, you broke my train

i lost it


Damn indeed. Other page turning poems include ‘A Lesson in Love’, ‘Fade’, ‘The Proclamation’, and ‘Released’. A Lesson In Love in particular was another favorite for its raw, realness.

And there can be no stipulations on true love

because it isnt something you trip into

and brush yourself off from

you dont fall into it

get lost in it

drunk off of it

and then you fall out


[Reprinted with Permission Pending]

I could of course continue with line after line of the creative masterpiece which he has created, but that would be to detract from the hard work of the Author.

In a time when good books are becoming harder to find and poets are fading away, I would dare say that this is what the new league of poets should be, should look up to, and model themselves after; providing the reader with an engaging experience that can’t be matched. Like all poets, Mr. Thomas is telling his story, one that no one else can tell in the way he can, and he accomplishes his goal extremely well.

Like many poets, Mr. Thomas chose to self-publish his book, and it is available for purchase directly from his website You can also find Mr. Thomas on Facebook, and on Twitter (follow him @TruthRevisited). Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. Dominic Antoine Thomas


Ladies and Gentleman, we have another singer/songwriter/MC in our midst. She goes by the name of Devin Claymore.

I have personally never met Ms. Claymore, though we have both agreed that there is an acquaintance like vibe between the two of us. Regardless, Ms. Claymore is on the up-and-coming tract, and here’s why.

As of right now, there is a limited body of work by which I can judge the artist, but that being said what I have seen/heard (two songs and 1 spoken word piece) were all equally impressive. Her rap style, as well as the musical composition of her track “The Campaign” reminds one of early Common, (pre Like Water For Chocolate), and her voice has a similar brashness, with a feminine touch something like Macy Gray with an Eve type of flow. All of that is said to say this; she has a very unique, old school hip hop type of flow and it makes you anxious to hear more from her. Her debut album is said to be on the way soon, and I for one cannot wait to review it track by track.

As I have said before, up and coming artists are always big on marketing themselves, so she is easy to be found on Facebook, and Her spoken word piece which I mentioned as well can be found here. We look forward to hearing much more from this talented emcee. Follow her on Twitter @DevinClaymore.

Ladies and Gentleman, Devin Claymore.

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