Rising Stocks, Rising Stars

Posted: July 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

So I bought a stock Tuesday.

It’s not the first time I’ve ever bought a stock at all, but its the first time I bought one that made profit immediately. I bought it as it hit the market at its IPO (Initial Public Offering). The best way to describe it would be to compare it to being one of the people who bout the iPhone4 the first day it came out. Felt pretty good I must admit. The Company is called Telsa Motors (NYSE: TLSA). This company, and its IPO were significant because 1) Its the first time a car company has had an IPO since Ford Motor Company back in 1965 I believe. 2) Telsa’s biggest product is a ‘green vehicle’, and electric sports car which is retailing for about $109,000. They’ve sold a few models to some big names such as Brad Pitt, but have not moved into Mass Production. For this reason, many people are skeptical as to whether it can hold on in the automotive world, as Chevy will soon be releasing its electric car, the Volt, and do not have faith that Telsa can compete with a major, established automaker. However, in wake of the oil spill and the almost guaranteed rush that people will soon be making to buy green technologies and things that do not use oil/non-renewable energy, I feel pretty confident that Telsa will be around for a while and will be a company to look out for in the coming years. But, since it’s a stock, it’s an investment. The small gains that I made during the time from IPO to close can disappear tomorrow, some of it already has. That’s the nature of the market. We shall see how this plays out.


In other news, we have another featured Artist today, a personal friend and former co-worker of mine. I present to you a fellow poet, Ms. Aseel Machi. (follow her on twitter @aseelmachi)

Now, in all fairness I am somewhat pre-emptive in my endorsement of Ms. Machi. I have seen a limited amount of her work, and did like what I saw, but thus far she doesn’t have a blog, a wealth of notes on Facebook, or a large body of work readily available to be judged. As I said however, she is a fellow poet, and we always need all the promo we can get. If you are in Lansing on July 22, however, you will be able to hear her perform some of the work she does have, as she is one of the Featured Poet at the 6th Annual Poetry In The City event, sponsored by The Nu Citizens Press. I have personally met the founder of this paper, Ms. Rina Risper, and will certainly attest that if she has faith in the abilities of Ms. Machi, then yours would be well placed also.

At this point, I do not have explicit permission from Ms. Machi to reprint any of her work, so at the time of the writing of this entry, I have completely and unlawfully stolen what you are about to read for the purpose of sharing her talent with you.

I wrote these few short lines & took this photo of the Red Cedar River on MSU Campus. My first line “River flows in you” is taken from Yiruma’s amazing piece of work, its piano music, and his song his simplyy amazing. Please youtube it, I highly recommend it!

River flows in you
Like my soul
Let it all go
Did you know?
Every thing I had
& ever possessed
Is now lost down a river
River flows in you
It doesn’t stop
It has no cue
If only my soul,
Where it went
I wish I knew..

So there is a small sample of Ms. Machi’s work. I hope to hear much more from this fellow Lansing native. And as mentioned before, she will be the featured poet at the Poetry In the City event, July 22. I may be there as well…reporting. Ladies and gentleman, Aseel Machi.


  1. Aseel Machi says:

    I promise that if you attend 7/22, you will hear something that I’ve spent hours on, something real and deep to my life.. but it’s also something that I have confidence in. Hope you make your best to come out there, regardless, I will post it. And thanks for stealing my stuff 😉 and thanks for taking that photo, haha.


    P.S. How much did you spend on that stock? I gotta get into that.. haha

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