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Is it possible to write 2 different books on different subjects at the same time?

Greetings dear readers.

I have returned from my short vacation and am not back in the familiar environment that is school and work. But today as an Idea for a story crossed my mind I wondered to myself, is it possible to write two books at the same time about different subjects?

When you think about it, a book takes a certain level of commitment, research, time and energy. Two books would no doubt then be twice the effort. So would 1 person who is already undertaking the time-consuming job of researching and preparing for one such project, successfully split his/her attention as to double the output without sacrificing quality.

I ask this question because today i had an idea for 2 stories which I could write, that would be absolutely from my point, and the only research required would be technical aspects. But as I’m already trying to pursue one project, would it be wise for me to start another before the current one is totally finished? I for one am always up for a challenge but I think this would even be a lot for me.

Perhaps I will just pen down the shells for the other project now and continue with what ive already been working on. I wouldn’t want to shift focus and lose any thought process I might have had. Or perhaps working on something else will just cause my creativity to flow more freely and improve my other projects. I’m not sure.

I’ll keep you posted…


Well, im supposed to be vacationing. Probably not gonna happen.


That was my sentiment a few days ago. Currently I’m at home, a trip I dont always make often or for very long, but here I am this week.  So far it has been a nice shot of relaxation, especially since once I go back to DC its to two jobs and school starting in a few weeks. Oh joy. I cant complain however because I am blessed beyond all measures, and I thank God everyday for what he’s done and is doing in my life.

Yesterday was the Poetry in the City event on Lansing’s Capital steps, where I performed ‘Liar In Me’. I did pretty well, and saw my buddy @aseelmachi out there as well. Currently, I am focusing on submitting poems to the e-zines which I mentioned in my last post, and making more good work to submit to others later on, and to later include in the book.   Im finding out that I am continually on the right track in a lot of ways, and I hope and pray this trend continues.

Since it rained, hard, for most of the day, the poetry in the city event wasnt nearly as well attended as I feel it could have been. However, it still had a pretty good showing despite those odds. I have also found yet another medium where I can publish my poems, being the New Citizens Press Newspaper.   It always, always about exposure.  So continue to be on the lookout for new material from me, and I will continue to work to give it to you.

I feel like this may be my shortest post ever. But then again, I am on vacation. 🙂

Be Blessed

Good Morning Everyone.

Changed the set-up a little bit here. Tell me how you like it.

I have some good news and some bad news today. The good news is that I have about 5 new poems that I’ve written in the past week or so that I am both very excited about and very proud of. The bad news is that I can’t post them. At all. So for the time being you guys will not see them at all. Kinda sucks huh?

The reason I wont be posting these poems is because of what are called ‘First Rights’. First rights are basically a publisher’s right to print a persons work, exclusively. Its basically like the first copyright. When something gets published online (Facebook, WordPress, Blogspot,, first rights rest with the person who put it up. So all the poems that I have posted on this blog, or on my Facebook, are considered published. Because of that, I cant submit them nearly anywhere because it would be considered a ‘reprint’, which most publications dont do. That is compounded by the fact that most publications shy away from poetry to begin with. So, what it all boils down to is that all my new work, or new best work, needs to be saved for possible submission. There is an article here that talks more about first rights for writers regarding blogs, and published work.

Now, this is not to say that anything I post from now on will not be quality work. Some of it just may be a re-post from my Facebook, and I will be a bit more selective about what I post here in comparison to what I save for publication. Remember, the goal is still publication; to get a book published. In order to do that I need to submit a good body of individual poems to other publications and increase my exposure. Its all about the writing.

Now, a preview of some of the places I will be submitting to.

Thanks to Robert Lee Brewer, editor of the POETIC ASIDES blog for Writer’s Digest (follow him on twitter @RobertLeeBrewer), and a few other poets and writer tags on Twitter, I have found a few eZines who publish poetry, as well as a few publishing company’s who take on a small volume of books per year. This also of course means that the competition will be ridiculously fierce, but it also means that I have to be that much better when I submit. A good challenge produces a great product.

Anywho, check out a few of these eZines which I will be submitting to. All of them have submission deadlines between now and December, so I have a bit of time to create more, but I also have a good amount to submit now for those with closer deadlines. Be on the lookout for “By Terrance Williams” under a poem or two in the not too distant future.

Hobble Creek Review

The Smoking Poet

The Glass Coin

Abyss & Apex

Be Blessed


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The Sandman returns again…



After words

After ive made love to your thoughts and left you trying to find the words

after your empty mind starts trying to find reason and explanation and rationale

after I slip out of the cloak of the night and lay you down

after the cold shiver down your spine

after the invasion of my thoughts into your mind

after the

intoxication of your smell into my brain

after the taste of your lips almost drives me insane

after the sweat pours down your body like summer rain

after your heart starts racing though you try to keep it tame

after your soul is laid bare and freed from its disguise

after you lose all fear just by looking in my eyes

after my piercing gaze sends you into a daze

after I make you shiver in so many creative ways

after I reach into my bag of dreams and take you to your secret place

after I put that glow back into your face

after you find that feeling you thought you had misplaced

after I sweep you away so you never leave my embrace

after I prolong the night and delay the suns rays

after I stop the rain and show you only better days

after I show you that with me it’s not a game

after the Sandman

you will never be the same

Into Me

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Whenever I write I try to impress myself. I feel like this is one of the pieces I have written which did surprise and impress me….


Into her

Is she into me

I’m trying to find out before I tell her the thoughts I have


About us



Encompassed in a dance that lasts


The liar in me

Wants to tell you that ill always treat you


But the good in me is back from vacation

And just wont let me


Confess to you untruths though I could do so


But that would be to act


Instead of considering whats best for both of us


And that doesn’t work for me

Because im trying to help not hinder you in the path to whatever

You choose to be


I see myself as your soldier defending your heart


And you filling the void where mine

Used to be

Taking away the pain that once

Was all I could see

Like Novocaine to my brain

Flowing right through me

Use me

Not as a means to an end but as a tool as a light to find your way

When the sun can’t be found

Its my way of saying that no matter what

I’ll always be around

Theres a chain on my soul

I’m ready to give up the key

Cuz I’m into you

But only if your into me?

Good Morning all you bloggers, poetry lovers, readers, writers, and all around good people.

Today, we will be discussing a relatively new album our right now, Drakes debut album with the Young Money Record Label entitled ‘Thank me Later’.

To begin with I must give it pretty good marks for creativity and style, lots of good singles on it. Even before I listened to the entire thing, I was continually bombarded with lines from it via Twitter Trending Topics (#ohyoufancyhuh, Fireworks, anything from ‘Over’). So he has very obviously produced a commercial hit which will probably go Gold or Platinum.

Now, in my personal opinion, I think he went harder on his mix tape than he did his album.

Yes, I said it, I think ‘So Far Gone’ was a better body of work than ‘Thank Me Later’.

On ‘So Far Gone’, Drake is going for recognition. He’s unsigned, and he’s hungry. The majority of the material on that mix tape was top-notch, with few exceptions. His mix tape produced #1 singles before it even came out. But he also seemed to have more creative and insightful things to say on his mix tape. On the album, he seems to have adapted more of the typical Young Money, Lil Wayne style of rap, which is simple similes which are more focused on rhyming than really making sense or relating to the overall message of the song.

I will readily admit that personally I don’t care much for Lil Wayne. I believe he was a better rapper in his younger years, and these days he seems to be more in love with the sound of his voice than with the improvement of his craft. It seems to be a side effect of fame and fortune when it comes to rap/hip-hop culture, which is a shame. However, in regards to Drake, I think its way to early in his career (the time it took to go from a mix tape to an album) for him to suddenly become intoxicated with fame and forget about making quality music.

My favorite verse from the album actually doesn’t even belong to Drake, but to Jay-Z. That in itself says a lot because I’m not really a Jay-Z fan. Not because of any blatant dislike of him or because I think he’s a bad rapper, I just haven’t really listened to much of his music, especially not his older stuff which is apparently where I should start.

The singles which have come off the album so far are indeed the best tracks, and as far as I can see I don’t see any others lurking that may become surprise hits in the near future. Overall, I give Thank Me Later 3/5 stars, middle of the road. I simply think that he could have come harder on his debut, and there is room for improvement. That being said, I look forward to seeing him grow as a rapper, and already anticipate his second album in hopes that it will be better that his first.

Another personal opinion is that as long as he’s with Young Money, he will produce middle of the road work. Seeing as Wayne was the first to give him a deal however, I feel the loyalty to the Record Label will be there for quite some time. I hope that however long the time he spends there turns out to be however, he grows as an artist and continues to improve.

The Lune

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Whats going on people.

Writers Digest Magazine has a section for poetry (of course), and the poetry editor Robert Lee Brewer (follow him on twitter @RobertLeeBrewer) runs a blog called Poetic Asides. He is also the editor of the book Poets Market. You may remember him from some earlier postings, but that’s neither here nor there

This month, Mr. Brewer has presented followers of the blog with a poetic form challenge, to write a Lune. A lune is a specific type of poem, sometimes referred to as the American Haiku. There are two types of lunes, The Kelly Lune and the Collom lune. Both contain 3 total lines, the Kelly lune with a syllable scheme of 5 in the first line, 3 in the second, and 5 in the 3rd. The Collom lune has a scheme of 3 words in the first line, 5 in the second, and 3 in the final line. Each lune form is named after the person who created it, Robert Kelly (not the pedophile one ), and Jack Collom.

Personally, as you can all probably tell, I prefer free verse poetry. But this seemed like a simple enough challenge so I decided to try my hand at it. I will more than likely start doing more prompts and contests, in an effort to expand my range of poetic skills.  Anyway, here’s my attempt at the Lune. Feel free to post your own in the comments, or post it here on the Poetic Asides blog page, in the comments section. And read other lunes, I saw some really good ones in there. There are some others here as well, on the Lune form explanation page. I especially like the one by Evelyn N. Alfred. But you gotta go find it. Cant make everything easy for ya.

Happy Writing

Kelly Lune

I’m rebuked daily
with the sun
can we keep the night

Collom Lune

I always dread
seeing you because I know
it cannot last