Turning Point

Posted: May 7, 2010 in General, Music Reviews, Poetry
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Its not what you know, its who you know.

Thank being said, by finding Robert Lee Brewer on Twitter and reading his blog from time to time, I have stumbled upon a poetry publisher. They have some guidelines that its gonna take a little time to fully adhere to. Mostly as far as getting published in eZines, magazines and contests. Submitting to them wont be a problem, but getting published is pretty much a hit or miss type thing.

Regardless, its a shot in the dark, but a step in the right direction. They only publish 4-6 collections a year, so I have a 16-25% chance of making it. Man oh man that is a long shot considering how many people submit to be published every year. But im ready to take that chance.

In other news, I want to take some time to highlight another up and coming Artist, personal friend, and fellow Lansing-ite; Gabrielle Baty.

In the past few weeks she’s been featured on MySpace Music and has had her track ‘Why is it So Hard’ as the Number 1 download on MP3Discovery.com.  You can download the track here


But you may have to search for it.

I am always going to be supportive of fellow artists, writers, singers, rappers who are actively working to accomplish their dreams and make them happen. And she is definitely one of those people. Be on the lookout for her in the very near future. I have been been listening to her track on repeat since I downloaded it, and I’m definitely looking forward to buying (whoops…almost said downloading.) her album when it drops.

Ladies and Gentleman, the beautiful and Talented Gabrielle Baty.

  1. Very nice blog on Garielle Baty. Let me introduce you to another strong songwriter you may want to feature on your blog. She is up and coming and her name is Selah J Rauw. Love your blog and I am looking forward to following yoour work as well! Check out the lyrics to Hypnotize and then some of her other originals like Bring it Down. She has lots of great lyrics! Worth a check! 🙂 Peace!

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