“Collateral Murder” Report via NYTimes

Posted: April 8, 2010 in General, News Stories, Other Writing
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Okay, another news article. I promise that soon I will get back to the poetry people, but after the poem a week in March, I’m taking a short break.

Ok, we have a New York Times article released today about a site called. WikiLeaks.org. This site apparently leaks secret government, military, and other hands-off information through informants and whistleblowers in different areas.  The article is about a video that was obtained from someone within the military, decrypted through whatever process they were able to use, and is now posted on YouTube and being broadcast to the world.

So if you only read the headline article, your first thought would be that the military is killing civilians in Iraq and covering it up.


However there is a second article also published in the paper which highlights details that the first leaves out about the video and the situation. The second article is intended to focus on the reaction of the family of the deceased Reuters reporter who was killed in the attack.  However it also points on that when viewing the video, there appears to be AK-47s and RPG’s on the group at a location very near the fighting position of ground troops in the area.


Now of course I wanted to see the raw footage of whatever they were talking about, so I watched both the 17-minute and the 39-minute versions of this video. In truth, these are really two different videos. The biggest thing about them that you wouldnt get if you only watched the short version is this enlarged, labeled mess that these ‘reporters’ tried to pull. When looking at the original video you see that this is clearly absent, because it doesnt happen in real life. There is no way that these soldiers would have known from a helicopter circling 300+ ft above the ground that the individuals being fired upon were reporters. There is no blinking tag that everyone is issued that says ‘dont shoot me, I carry cameras not guns’.

Now of course I want you all to make your own decision about the video so here is the link so you can watch it yourself. I only ask that if you do watch, you watch the full version FIRST.


Its a muddled situation.

I want to say more but Im extremely tired right now. Ive been working all day and starting tomorrow I’m going on a Field Training Exercise (FTX) thats going to last 4 days. Completely ridiculous.

I’ll follow up on this later.


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