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Posted: April 5, 2010 in General, Movie Reviews, News Stories, Other Writing
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In the New York Times today is an article about Special Forces Command in Afghanistan. Apparently, during a nighttime raid three women were killed, and it is being reported that the bullets were removed from the bodies in an apparent cover up. Originally, NATO forces were saying that there was no cover-up and that the women were found dead, not killed by any direct action from the Special Forces operation being conducted.

Now, as a future soldier there’s a few things about this that must be commented on. First, reviewing the partial article and comments left on the Huffington Post website, it seems that some people believe that all the facts aren’t being supplied for this article. Perhaps. The New York Times is said to be a rather slanted Newspaper, and just as well news agencies are not, and should not in my opinion, be given 100% information when dealing with military, defense, or intelligence operations because you do not know how these reports will affect the troops or individuals still in that dangerous situation.

Secondly, if this is true, it is disturbing and unfortunate. And I am not going to say that it is excusable in any way because they are soldiers. However I will say that we do not know the situation. Perhaps details are being left out, perhaps there was some pressing reason for the actions that took place that night. I am simply saying that people should read. Not just one side, try to find multiple sources. Get as many facts as you can. Make your own judgments and decisions. Stay informed people.


Hot-tub Time Machine

“Great White Buffalo”

This movie was hilarious. I cannot recommend that you  go see it enough.  At first glance I will admit I thought it would be stupid and a waste of time. However it turned out to be quite the opposite. Its a great party movie about 4 friends who go back in time and have an opportunity to relive a weekend in the 80’s. It’s really 3 friends, one is a nephew of a main character and wasn’t born yet, but that also leads to an interesting, hilarious twist. Overall, great movie. Highly recommended.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊


Clash of the Titans

This was a pretty good 3D movie. It had a high degree of action, and Liam Neeson is always a good actor to watch for. He does quite well as the bearded God Zeus, and it shows yet another degree of how versatile he is as an actor (Taken, Love Actually, Star Wars: Episode I).

The most interesting part of this movie would have to be the creature creations which were drawn up. The winged demons that Hades transforms into are reminiscent of the vampire women in Hugh Jackman’s Van Helsing. The Kracken(sp?) was probably the most imaginative variation which I’ve seen. Anyone who remembers the old ‘Clash of the Titans’ from Greek Mythology in High School will probably remember a claymation, stop-motion, cut-and-paste produced monster which inspired nothing more than laughs and snickers. This beast was more of a combination of Disney’s tentacled beast in Pirates of the Caribbean, the 2000 version of Godzilla, and the hunted aliens from Alien vs. Predator. Even the disgraced King and father of Perseus looked like a creation of another movie, seemingly a combination of the hunchback from 300 and a centaur.

The 3D element made the movie exciting, but overall the movie was pretty predictable, as is to be expected from a remake. I still give it pretty high marks tho. Just as with ‘Dragons’ however, I wouldn’t pay 3D price.

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  1. Steven says:

    Thank you, will check them out.

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