Moscow Suicide Bombings

Posted: March 29, 2010 in General, News Stories

This is a link to a New York Times article. In Moscow this morning there was a suicide bombing. Two women detonated bombs on two separate trains killing 35 or more people.  The count right now is 35.

This stuck out to me for two reasons. First, Talib Kweli, my favorite rapper, was in Moscow this weekend doing  a show. Seeing that headline definitely made me wonder if he was anywhere near it. He said (via twitter) that the night before he was yards away from the bomb site in a club performing. Once I saw that he was tweeting however, the fear subsided.

The other reason it stuck out to me however, was because its somewhat of a comment on the current state of affairs in the world. The violence that occurs on a daily basis in other places. We talk about how dangerous certain US cities are, but to be completely honest we are more safe here than we would be in nearly any other country in the world.

To me, its important because relatively soon, I’m going to be a commissioned Army Officer, and my job is going to be to try and maintain order and keep peace, as well as ensure safety of other soldiers around the world, and knowing that things like this occur on a daily basis really makes me think about how dangerous the world is. How much we really have to worry about once we step outside the comfort and safety of our homes and the places where we feel safe.

This is just something I wanted to point out, bring to the attention of people who may not know. Later today it will be back to poetry.

Be Blessed

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