In My Mind

Posted: March 29, 2010 in March Madness Poetry Month, New Poetry, Poetry

In my mind

Shes ageless

She transcends time

I found my voice in her and she speaks through mine

She inspires my most creative lines and lives in my rhymes

My fountain pen flows like blood from a broken nose

When her anecdotes inspire my prose

In my mind

She walks on a solo path

A single track to join me on my throne

A journey of her choosing, not a mindless drone

Shes independent, quick witted

And shes got her own

Her escapades through my minds enclaves

Have my brains circuits overblown

Her final goal, to make my side her final home

In my mind

A cornucopia of thoughts become present

When she takes one step into my presence

One look into her eyes and its like a divine present

This could quickly turn into an addiction if I let it

Addicted to her smile

Her eyes

Her hips

Her lips

Its as if there a spell on me

Its grasp I cant escape

I set up my defenses

But soon find its too late

Though in the clutches of her beauty

I willingly accept my fate

In my mind

Shes finer than fine

Hotter than a dime

I have to make her mine and I can waste no time

No need to travel the globe

I know another like her I will never find

Ever moving forward, but never leaving her behind

Single handedly conquer the world, yet she must be by my side

Love so devine

Giving me something I can feel, something so real

Yet its only in my mind

  1. wilsar says:

    I love this. whoever inspires you is a very lucky girl. i am a big fan of yours, you already know that. lol ❤

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