Posted: March 26, 2010 in March Madness Poetry Month, New Poetry, Poetry

I hear you

In my mind I see you

The images you depict set my mind on fire

The picture frames you create in my brain burn with a different kind of fire

Its not just desire its a need

There’s a craving you’re creating that only you can feed

Flowing through me from my clenched rigid fingers down to my shaking bent knees

The seeds you planted have grown like weeds

Into trees

Bearing passion fruit which is the fruit of my passion for you

And to devour it from stem to core is exactly what I wanna do

Think it untrue you may that I would willingly confess such

Sensuous and lustful deeds

But the truth in my words is more real the red in the blood I bleed


All the things I wanna do shouldn’t be mentioned in casual conversation

So ill put it gently and say

I want us to gently have an endocrine to endocrine confrontation

Indoctrination may occur somewhere between the first and final touch

And before we part you will agree that all of me is never too much

Feel the rush

Grab the handrails and hold on

While our heartbeats together turn into the rhythm of our new favorite song

You were wrong if you thought this feeling would just pass you by

Like you are to me on the backs of your eyelids is where my face now resides

An eternal  etching into your brain am I now inscribed

Written into the language your heart speaks my name now transcribed

Translating  your body language like hieroglyphics from an ancient Egyptian

And delivering that feel good medicine like im your prescription

Over and over again like a new found addiction

Til I know every curve of your body like a repeating premonition

No need for contemplation or extra consideration

No room for more persuasion its time for consummation

Knowing the value of this prize I will take no consolation

While I hear well your description its time for demonstration

  1. aseel says:

    this is good, not my favorite, but this line definitely did it for me: “While our heartbeats together turn into the rhythm of our new favorite song” you use a lot of metaphors to show what you mean, and i love it!

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