You Need a Man, I Need a Muse

Posted: March 21, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry

Got a  lil bit of inspiration in the middle of the week. This is not part of the regular “March Madness Poetry Month” schedule, this is a bonus. I’m making this a blog exclusive, so for all you faithful readers you get a nice little treat. Enjoy


You need a man

I need a muse

You need someone giving you more than just pillow talk

I’m talking breakfast


And dinner talk

You need someone who can give you that long stroke

But also wants to take you on long walks

Have those long talks

While taking long looks into your honey brown eyes

Someone who you can share more than just passion and sweat with as the stars fade into the sunrise

You need a man

I need a muse

I need someone to dedicate my rhymes to

When asked if inspired by someone special

I need to be able to mention you

When my pen goes renegade in an attempt to serenade the creative sections of your brain im gonna need someone to blame

You need a man

I need a muse

You don’t need a man to tell you what to do but

I need a muse so feel free to inspire me in any way you choose

You need a man

I need a muse

You need a man to give you a listening ear

Someone to look into your crying eyes and kiss away your tears

Someone to put on that suit of armor and chase away your fears

You need a man

I need a muse

Helen of Troy need not apply

Forgive me Hera if I shun your divine eye

You need not be Persephone or Aphrodite to inspire rhymes within me

I don’t need demigods or nymphs

My words are not concubines and my lines will not be pimped

You need a man

I need a muse

You need someone to take you out and show you off

Act hard around his boys til you come through and he go soft

Plan a night out til you change the plan and he call it off

You need a man

I need a muse

More would be nice but just one will do

I need a muse to inspire me like my last one used to

You need a man to get you addicted to those things you aint used to

I need a muse But someone I can spoil too

You need a man and someone you can call boo

You need a man

I need a muse

You need Someone who can beat it out the frame

Hit that long stroke so you can hit that long note and call out his name

I need a muse

Someone to soothe my thoughts and calm my brain

A place to focus my energy cuz she getting into me

Someone to take my mind off the pain

You need a man

I need a muse

Trying our best not to get our lines confused

But in the back of my mind I feel the two starting to fuse

Where You need a man

I need a muse

Turns into you need this man

And I need you

Cuz im that man

And You

You are my muse

  1. Jennifer says:

    I like this poem very much. Like you have no idea. And it scarily hits on the exact same strain as one I wrote a whlie back.

    Keep rockin, dude.

  2. Shenay shell says:

    I love it !!!!! i really love it . u use the word concubine alot in ur works .. army boy.. but .. this was beautiful…

  3. vanessa says:

    LOVED IT ❤ actually it made me cry…

  4. aseel says:

    Terrance. I love this. Every line. We all want and need that special persob,especially someone to dedicate our writing to… sometimes I feel like I can’t write without thinking about some one. But this simply amazing. Love it fa sho bro. If ur in town this summer, you should stop by the nu poets reading at the capitol steps.. I’m the featured poet. I believe its in july.

    • I will definitely try to do that. Thats amazing, you’re the featured poet? I have been meaning to go for a long time but I always miss it for some reason or another. If I’m in town I will definitely make an appearance.

      • aseel says:

        Yeah, I am, and i know the person that’s running it.. and shes the same person that runs the TNCP if you know that is? Its a local paper-shes published me a few times, you would like her 🙂 But I’ll definitely bug you about it when the time comes!

      • Yea, I know her, she was running for City Council. Ive wanted to go to the event for a while it just hasn’t happened. Never sent anything to her to be published tho. If Im in town for the event I will be there no doubt.

  5. Jen, thank you very much and I would be very interested to see that poem one of these days.

    Vanessa, I’m glad that you liked it although I wasn’t expecting tears.

    Shenay, I will try to find a new word to overuse in poetry just for you

  6. Nikayla says:

    omg omg omg omg ~sigh~ Terrance your writing just makes me so happy. It just keeps getting better and better. I said before that ‘Reality of a Fallacy’ was going to be hard to top and yet u did. *Applause* Loved It!
    I really the rhythm and flow to this one….. ‘My words are not concubines and my lines will not be pimped’ and ‘Hit that long stroke so you can hit that long note and call out his name’ were my favorite lines =)

  7. Celia says:

    omg this is simply amazing. it reminds me what i am going through right now and just needing that someone and looking for that someone who needs me just as much as i need them. this completely speaks to me. you my friend are an amazing writer and can’t wait to read your next poem! (^_^)

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