Textual Frustration

Posted: March 15, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry

*A Poem to be Read Out Loud*


I You

*some text missing*

Some text missing?

Well now what am I supposed to do?

How am I supposed to decipher the words that just came from you with some text missing?

That’s a tough one to chew

Perhaps it said

I like you

Maybe she got the roses I sent for V-day and figured it was me cuz the note said ‘guess who’

That is some stuff that only I would do

Maybe it says

I hate you

Maybe shes still mad about the little white lie when I went to hang out with you know who

But I mean dang

That was my best friend

Cant get rid of him just because he was mean to you even if that is what you expect me to do

What if it says

I wanna see you

Its been a bout a week

Im getting kinda weak

I see her in my sleep and nowhere else maybe she’s feeling the same

Maybe its not just me who misses the feeling of calling her name

Maybe it says I see you

Ok now im getting paranoid

Damn you T-Mobile Verizon Sprint and AT&T

Whichever one of you is doing this to me

Ur effing with my emotions man

How could you let this message get to me incomplete?

Maybe it says I want you

Maybe it says I need you

Man Got me over here trippin

My mind slippin

Man im bout to


“I didn’t mean that for you”


What did it say? Some text was missing?


Waiting game man.



“Oh. Nvm then.”

What. The. Hell. Man.

  1. wilsar says:

    oh i left the comment on the wrong poem. lol. i am so sorry. But yes I love this poem. You are just wonderful. Just wonderful.

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