Reality of A Fallacy

Posted: March 8, 2010 in New Poetry, Poetry

I think im losing my mind

Im movin at the speed of light but my brain is laggin behind

Its like my thoughts are headed back to the future

But my body stayed after the rapture and got left behind

Im starting to confuse the actuality of reality

With a well disguised fallacy

And somehow youre trapped inside

Yet I cant tell if you need to be saved

Of if youre trying to prevent me from freeing my mind

Saying that your love is the liberation that I hope to find

That us together will be indescribable like a close encounter of another kind

Yet the more I seek the more I wish I didn’t find

The fallacy of your constructed honesty is visible even to the blind

As the actuality of your intentions reveals itself to me

I must dissect each of your statements more and more critically

What does it all mean in relation to you and me

And how will the truth affect what our future is gonna be

The liar in me

Wants to tell you that everything will be fine

But that would be me constructing another fallacy whose end

You would have to find

Is this a game to you?

Is this some twisted way in which you pass the time

To toy with my emotions while

Confusion rakes my mind

Or is this a disguised call for help from the soul

You have locked away deep inside

Is the actuality of it all that you need me

That I must help you break these chains that bind

Or is the fallacy your captivity

And as I sacrifice myself for your sake

The chains will soon be mine

  1. Annie Jean says:

    Love the imagery and the emotions your poem evoked. I am not a great poetry critic, can’t say “fancy” stuff, just speak from the gut and your poem really hit me where I live.

  2. Nikayla says:

    sooooooo this is def one my favs of all ur work that i have read…. startin off march madness with a bang.. i think this is gonna be hard to top…..
    LOVE IT!! ❤

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