Random Blessing?

Posted: March 5, 2010 in General

So today I was sitting across the street in Sankofa, after Swahili class talking to my friend Brad. It just so happened we were discussing poetry, and me writing a poetry book, all the things that go along with that. Brad dabbles in poetry writing himself a bit, and if I get his permission I’ll post some of his stuff up here one day.

So, were having our poetry discussion and I mentioned the article that I posted about how hard it is to get a book of Poetry published, the post is titled ‘Unfortunately’ I believe. From that conversation, we began to kick around the idea of writing a regular fiction/non-fiction book that is laced throughout with poetry. Now I of course can’t divulge all the details, however if I were to write said book it would more than likely contain ALL NEW poetry. None of the stuff that I have written already. At least not a lot of it. For the most part however, none of the poems that will be posted here, none of the poems that have been posted as Facebook notes.  None of the 180+ poems already on my computer.

To say the very least, this would be a DRASTIC, time-consuming, and ridiculously crazy undertaking.  So of course I want to do it right? Right. Now, does this mean that Now Playing: The Terrance Williams Experience is no longer going to be published? Absolutely NOT!  It just means that either the two projects would be worked on concurrently, or Now Playing would be moved to the back burner slightly.

The main reason for this idea of a fiction book to begin with is because of how hard it is for poetry books to be published. A literary agent almost definitely will not take one on, and a publishing company is only likely to do it from an already established author, or famous person.

So that may be a route that I’m going to take. It is definitely being considered for now.

Now, to the random blessing part.

So, this morning I said a small prayer asking God to help me with this project, and that if it’s in his will to let it be done, that it can be done without me self publishing. A friend of mine is publishing a book of poetry right now but she is self publishing it. While I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, it’s not the way I want to do it. I’ll talk about what how I feel towards self-publishing next week.

Anyway, in the middle of Brad and I talking and eating lunch, a poetry class walks in and takes over the room. The teacher is on the phone with someone talking about an anthology he wants to put together in order to let some young poets ‘flex’, and we get to hear performance from 30-odd people out of nowhere for no reason except that we were in the right place at the right time.

I see that as a blessing because 1, im taking that mans class next semester. He was pretty funny and from the content covered in the poems he obviously teaches pretty well. You can’t just inspire poetry in every one. 2nd, the fact that he is putting together this anthology means either he’s done it before and/or he does it often, in either case he would be a good contact to have for information about writing my own book. Anytime that I can make contacts that will help with me writing my book or becoming a speechwriter, I consider it a win.

Well, this will be my last update for the week. New poetry on Monday. Its called ‘Reality of a Fallacy”. Thank you and Good night.


The very next day after what I called a random blessing while sitting in Sankofa, God showed up and showed out once again. A large sume of money just showed up in my account that I was not expecting in the least, and all the money woes that I thought I had were suddenly gone. Another good friend of mine says that I should use it to print my book. Perhaps…


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