Its a new day…

Posted: March 2, 2010 in General

Its about 430am.

I was texting a friend of mine a few minutes ago. She woke up from a dream about a friend of hers being killed. Later on she realized, or rather remembered,  that the dream had already happened. Her friend was killed earlier this year.

As I talked to her and thought, it brought me back to January. Second day of the new year, my younger cousin was shot. She was 18. Even more disturbing to me was the fact that it happened less than 4 blocks from the house my sister currently lives in.

I hate violence. It seems like an oxymoron as a Cadet and future soldier, but its not. There is senseless violence, and violence for a cause. Let us not forget that God hates murderers, but instructed Moses to kill those who worshiped other Gods. (Numbers 25:4) But I hate violence and what scares me the most is that it will happen to someone that I love. Now, we all love our family, no doubt. Well, there are a few exceptions but I am not one of them. But for me, while I love my family, there are only a few people that I dont think I could live without. One of them is definitely my sister. I dont tell her nearly enough that I love her, and when/if she reads this she’ll probably say something like ‘quite being a sapp’ or ‘yea, i guess you’re ok too’, but thats really how I feel.  I worry about her more than I worry about myself.  And thats just how it is sometimes. Some people in your life are just like that.

In the end what we both decided was that the best thing is to always remember to tell the people who you value most in your life that you appreciate them. You never know when all of a sudden someone will be gone from your life and you will never see them again.  I’ve only experienced two deaths in my family; My Grandma and my Cousin. Both of them were important to me in their own individual way, and I miss them both individually as well.  But Im sure that while they were alive I let them know what they meant to me.

That being said, I want to let everyone reading this right now that I appreciate you. Now, of course its not in a family sort of way, but in a sense it is. Everyone of you who has ever read a note, left a comment on a poem, told a friend about me, encouraged me, or just showed me love, I appreciate you.

The initial response to this blog has been absolutely amazing to me, and I just hope that it grows even more as time progresses. But it wouldn’t be going anywhere or doing anything without you. As an artist of any kind, writer, painter, musician, actor, we live for your support. Now while I dont quite consider myself an artist just yet, I appreciate the love all the same.

I have been writing for a long time, and it is just recently that Im really realizing what I want to do with it and started to formulate goals for myself in relation to my writing. So I want to thank each and every one of you who has been supporting me from unorganized mess, to shoe box full of poems, to ramdom folder on my computer, to this blog, to the finished product which is as we speak a work in progress. I appreciate the encouragement. The kind words. The directional hints. All of it .  Thank you.

Now go and tell somebody that you love them.

  1. Shakeema says:

    There is no such thing as violence for a cause. I think it’s wrong to use the Bible as an example of this.

  2. How about WWII? The Holocaust. Violence against Hitler stopped violence in the rest of the world. The Civil War? Violence against the south stopped slavery. Im not saying that it is the only option, or even the best option, but in certain times and certain arenas it is the option that will in the end do the most good.

  3. Shakeema says:

    A utilitarian approach never stopped people from being harmed. There is no such idea as ‘what produces the greatest good’ when one man takes the life of another into his own hands, regardless of the other’s transgressions. Look at how they cheered Saddam Husein’s hanging. That was barbaric. It showed that human beings can be callous at times when one might least expect. Violence in the south did not stop slavery. Or oppression in the South. I live there. White racists in the south fit the stereotype of ‘oppressor’ to the T. Another thing to remember is that, people attribute outcomes of wars (according to what consequences are produced down the line) to assume that this is why these wars occur. For example, none of the wars fought on US soil were ever started by the masses. Our wars were wars started by elites to protect their own money, and they are fought by the poor, the subjugated, etc. Take the war on terror, for example. Where exactly are we going with this? Well, young black men who live int he hood can look forward to military recruiters knocking on their doors promising them enough money to buy new cars, instead of the government sending them to college. If they want to go to college and can’t afford it, they have to enrich the military industrial complex. Yeah…I don’t think justice is THAT grey. i think we see what we want when it doesn’t directly affect us.

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