Posted: February 28, 2010 in General, News Stories, Poetry

Last night, before the debauchery which I will not discuss here ensued, I read an article on a Writers Digest blog.  The blog said basically that there is no way to win when it comes to the option of writing a book of poetry. Basically, that everything I’m doing here and preparing for is counter intuitive, because literary agents don’t take on books of poetry.

Or rather, “at least 99.9% of the time they do not…And if you see an agency that advertises how it reps poetry, oh man, run like hell. “

Those surely are some encouraging words for an up and coming poet huh?  The link to the whole article will be at the bottom of the page.

Further down the page is an even more in-depth explanation of how hard it is for a poet to put together a book and get it published.  Truthfully though, its hard out there for any writer. And being Terrance MP Williams, I would of course take the hardest path to success that I can find.

The important thing that I decided right after reading however, is that despite the odds, I’m still going after it.  You can’t have the biggest win if you make the smallest bet.  I’m going in and I’m swinging for the fence, end of story.  I knew that the odds were against me already, I just didn’t know they were stacked that high. Well, now I know. And now that I know, I’m still going after it. I’m still gonna trust in God, I’m still gonna write with the same inspiration that I get from him every time that I pick up my pen, and I’m gonna trust that whatever path he leads me to is the one im supposed to be on.

Now Playing: The Terrance Williams Experience. It is being written. It is being done.



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