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Everybody has a little deviance inside of them.  This is somewhat how I view mine.  This is my last poem as well before March Madness Poetry Month starts. Enjoy.

This is also the most recent poem that I have written, except the ones that were written specifically for March madness Poetry.  I have included my first and last writings, and now the new beginnings can begin.


The liar in me

Wants you to know that truthfully

Nothing I say is to be believed

I want it to be the truth when I say

That you mean the world to me

But the liar in me takes control before I can speak

Replaces my truth with his convoluted version of the same

So it becomes a game

Attempting to convince myself that the things I speak are falsified

So that behind my reworded truth my conscience can hide

Fooling myself into believing some version of my own lies

So that the words I speak can be believed in my own eyes


I think I just lied

But I cant be sure because the path walked by the truth isn’t that wide

And I cant tell any longer if ive fallen off or if Im still on the right side

Are the piecing daggers which proceed from my mouth pointed towards a foreign enemy

Or one that lives inside of me

And what is the beast that lives inside

Is he some monster from which stems all my lies

Or is he the truth battered bruised and struggling to stay alive

God please save me from my pride

I want to come clean and confess to things which you already know

Those that eat at me pierce like the thorns in your side

But I think the last piece of you inside of me might have died

Crucified by your side

Leaving me for dead

And leaving my soul open wide

So that Now I journey through middle earth with a demon as my guide

Hoping I have the strength to destroy the deviance I can no longer hide

Yet as I stand with the power to free myself from these chains that bind

I stop and quietly ask if there will be any me left without my lies

The liar in me


If I ever truly knew the truth

Because at times I think I found the truth in you

Until I think I found the truth in her too

And suddenly faced with more than one version of the truth

im not sure what to do

the liar inside predicts the future

with a clairvoyance to rival Oedipus Rex

and so predicts calm seas along the journey

to where we’re headed next

the truthful side wants to warn the beauty that I see in you

not to believe the honest look in my eyes

but to tell you the truth would be to lose you

and is therefore unwise

for I would rather cut myself into a thousand pieces that you solemly

hold by your side

than see you walk away or break down and cry

from the pain of one of my lies

theres a humanity in me

that wants to keep the tears from your eyes

yet knows that it cant be done

until the liar in me finally dies


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Posted: February 28, 2010 in General, News Stories, Poetry

Last night, before the debauchery which I will not discuss here ensued, I read an article on a Writers Digest blog.  The blog said basically that there is no way to win when it comes to the option of writing a book of poetry. Basically, that everything I’m doing here and preparing for is counter intuitive, because literary agents don’t take on books of poetry.

Or rather, “at least 99.9% of the time they do not…And if you see an agency that advertises how it reps poetry, oh man, run like hell. “

Those surely are some encouraging words for an up and coming poet huh?  The link to the whole article will be at the bottom of the page.

Further down the page is an even more in-depth explanation of how hard it is for a poet to put together a book and get it published.  Truthfully though, its hard out there for any writer. And being Terrance MP Williams, I would of course take the hardest path to success that I can find.

The important thing that I decided right after reading however, is that despite the odds, I’m still going after it.  You can’t have the biggest win if you make the smallest bet.  I’m going in and I’m swinging for the fence, end of story.  I knew that the odds were against me already, I just didn’t know they were stacked that high. Well, now I know. And now that I know, I’m still going after it. I’m still gonna trust in God, I’m still gonna write with the same inspiration that I get from him every time that I pick up my pen, and I’m gonna trust that whatever path he leads me to is the one im supposed to be on.

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Pre March Madness

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Old Poetry, Poetry

I have dubbed March ‘March Madness Poetry Month’.

Not for everyone of course. Just for me because of my poetry spree which I will be going on.  But I want to release some things in advance of that as well to give people a preview of my work.  And how better to showcase the first poem posted to my new blog than to post my first poem?

Now, let me clarify. This is not the first poem I ever wrote. Not by a long shot. This is however, the oldest poem of mine that I can find. As far as I know anyway.  I believe that there are others that I wrote before this that I may still have, but this one is what sticks out in my memory as the first. Also, this one is special to me.  This poem is where it really began.  It’s as if before this poem I was simply dabbling in the realm of poetry and writing, but once I wrote this I knew that I was going to be a Poet and a Writer.  So without further ado, here it is.



I am a writer

Black ink flows through my veins

From the countless days

Where my creativity flowed

Like the never ending rush

Of a river on the go

Taking my mind with it

Quickly and quietly

Soft by slow

To a deep dark darkness

Where the sun doesn’t show

And you can’t let go

Lest I be overtaken

By a mistaken identity

Of something that is not within me

Because inside I am a writer

My mission is not to impress but inspire

To light the candle of your desire

To express the repressed

Hidden feeling with their hidden meanings

And help you share your secret dreamings

About your nighttime fiening

For love and affection

Or a deep interjection from another soul into your own

Until your throat issues a low soft moan

And in your ear whispers a baritone

Saying he can take you home

To that heavenly place whose light

Shines on your face

And whose effect you cannot erase

Like the tablet from God to Moses

Written in stone

Not to be tampered with or altered at all

But left alone

Into the care of the fighter

The defender

The writer

I wield my pen in my hand

To lay down The laws of the land

I can split you apart from the start of

My rhyme till the last end line

And make your heartbeat fluctuate with the

Way I punctuate

Each noun and verb

Or any action word

I feel these lines deserve

And in time you’ll find it don’t get no better

U can’t get no wetter

Not if you jumped into the middle

Of the deep blue sea

And when you get to the bottom

And find that it gets no lighter

You’ll still need me

To impart the knowledge on thee

That these lines could be no tighter

Unless you found someone like me

Who is positive in the fact that he

Shares my identity in that

He is a writer


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The Terrance Williams Experience

Posted: February 26, 2010 in General

Welcome to The Terrance Williams Experience

I Love to Dream. I Dream of Writing. I Write to Live.

This is not the first time I’ve experimented with blogging. This is not the first time I’ve tried my hand at it.  This is however, the first time in a long time, and I will therefore treat it as a new experience.

This will be where I release most of my new poems, as well as where I collect the poems that I will be putting in my book; Now Playing: The Terrance Williams Experience.

This will not just be poetry however. I am a writer, but I am other things as well. I am somewhat of  a nerd. I’m a lover. I’m a future soldier. I am a college student. I am on a constant search for knowledge of new and different things, and I have an interest in many different things from Golf to Writing to Tae Kwon Do, Free Running and Multiple styles of Fencing.  I love movies and Good Music, and so I will do commentary as well.  I will post news that I see that interests me. In other words there is no limit to the amount of posts that may appear here in a single day.

On March 1, I will be posting a poem. The title may change, but the thought I just had was ‘The Language of Love’.

It’s a new year people. 2010. I have a goal. It’s to publish a book. I have a dream. It’s to write speeches. I have a desire. It is to write, and to find love. I have something to say. This is where I will say it.

Welcome to the Terrance Williams Experience.